Packaging suitable for shipping
We deliver international shipping cartons totally free for owner packing - what's more we offer free baggage collection in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow and can collect from anywhere else in Britain. We can also professionally pack your furniture and household goods for shipping.
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Email Quotation: ontimeshipping@hotmail.com or customer@ontimeshipping.co.uk
We deliver our promises, so whatever you need to ship, wherever in the world, you can rest assured we'll deliver your possessions safely, securely and on time. See several packaging that are appropriate for shipping. Your valuables will be protected throughout the journey.
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shipping drums
Barrels £30 each. Door to Door delivery.
The normal shipping procedure a customer buy empty container (barrel), We delivery the empty they call us when it is full. We go on collect, write up a collection note. With sender details address and phone number. Receiver details address and contact number, must be written in block capital letters. Barrels, boxes or crates must be properly label, with the address it's going and country. We sells a security seal for barrels, with a number.
Various Container sizes

Suitable Packaging for Shipping

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